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Who We Are

We are a British Columbia registered non-profit society, a registered charity under Canada Revenue Agency Charities Act, and a member of the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau. We are volunteer-run – no one is paid wages or honorariums from the Society for any reason. We do not conduct door-to-door, telephone, or email campaigns to solicit money; we depend solely on the generosity of local residents, service clubs, organisations, groups and businesses for support.

How We Started

The Christmas Hamper Society was founded in the late 1960s. The volunteers were mostly from service clubs and the volunteer fire department – people who wanted to help struggling families have a wonderful Christmas. At that time there was no registration and the referral process was simply word of mouth. Local organisations, school teachers, and citizens at large submitted names.

How We Have Grown

We are a group of local volunteers working together to ensure every registered family receives a Christmas Hamper. Although the scope of work has remained the same, changes have been made to ensure fairness and equality. We now have a registration policy, and rather than collecting food, we provide each family with a grocery store voucher.

What We Offer

Registered families can either request to participate in our Good Neighbours Program or elect to visit the Toy Barn. The Good Neighbours program matches a registered family in need with a family wishing to lend a hand.

We know that parents know their children better than we do, so registered parents who decline the Good Neighbour program/we are unable to make a suitable match, are paired with a Shopping Elf and invited to visit the Toy Barn to choose gifts for their child(ren). Everything from stocking stuffers to sports equipment, board games to Barbies, LEGO to leggings is available! Each child from birth to 18 years receives a gift hamper worth up to $75.

We believe that Christmas is about family, so we offer activities families can do together, like board games. But we also want our families to enjoy the luxury of a Christmas dinner, so we provide each registered family with a certificate that gives them the chance to pick up some special holiday treats at the grocery store; either Thrifty’s or Freshco. The voucher lists specific ‘traditional’ Christmas foods, but allows the family to choose their favourite vegetables, juice and dessert items.

Registered families also have access to Rudolph’s Recycle Gift Shoppe. A well-organised barn filled with gently used items ranging from bedding to clothing and footwear; books; holiday decor; home ware and more. Registered families “shop” here for free!

And finally … the Kids Only Gift Shoppe. A one-day event open to the children ONLY, at which they get to choose a gift for their parent(s) who are named on the registration form. Our elves will assist the children of registered families through the process. Santa and Mrs Claus ALWAYS attend this festive event, distributing stuffed toys and collecting wishes. Read more here.

How We Serve The Community

Our volunteers meet trains, collect toys from community donation bins, speak at schools and community events, accept and sort donations, manage the registration events, set up and tear down office and event spaces, help registered parents choose gifts for their children, help children from registered families choose Christmas gifts for their parents, help sponsors with their fundraising efforts, administer the Good Neighbour (Adopt-A-Family) Program, and operate “Rudolph’s Gift Shoppe™”.